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10 Hilarious Life Hacks We All Used To Do

It’s only sad when it doesn’t work. You don't have to hack your life together to get the technology you need. Finally, you can upgrade your television experience with Aereo and stop having to hack your way to the TV you want. Introducing the cloud-based antenna and DVR! Try it out for a month. Free.

Before we get started on this blast from the past, let's pop in some hot tunes from our era.

1. We didn't have new-fangled smartphones, so you'd have to create programs on your TI-83 to help you cheat in school.

2. There was no Wi-Fi either, so if your buddy wanted to get your games, you had to find a link cable.

3. Hooking this device to your portable CD player would play it in the car:

4. If the TV was on the fritz, you could pinch the antenna to boost the signal with your natural human energy.

5. Back in the day, when you wanted to listen to your CD player with a friend, you set it down on the table and turned it up.

6. If your VHS tape was unwinding, you used a spoon to twist it back in.

7. Video games were pretty confusing, so you'd buy a giant strategy guide to help you beat it.

8. There wasn't any online gaming, so you would put your NES in your backpack and hook it to the TVs at school.

9. When the game cut out, you were the only one who knew how to fix it. It was some variation of this:

10. If your boombox was out of juice, all you needed to do was tap two dead batteries together to get an extra 45 seconds.

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