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21 Things Women Who Wear Hijabs Can't Do

Just watch us do extreme sports.

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1. Women who wear hijabs aren't allowed to look good.

2. Because we can't possibly know anything about fashion.

3. And we certainly can't know anything about make-up.

4. We can't leave the house to get an education.

5. And we can't even think about becoming successful business women.


6. We can't go out and have fun with our friends.

7. We can't goof around and be silly.

8. And we certainly can't do sports.

9. Especially not weight lifting.

10. Wrestling is obviously out of the question.

11. Swimming is impossible.

12. And there's no way we can become kick-ass boxers.

13. And don't even get me started on extreme sports.

14. We can't stay out late at night.

15. We can't go travelling and discover the world.

16. And we're not allowed to go out and fall in love.

17. We can't rock beautiful wedding dresses.

18. We can't listen to or play any sort of music.

19. We can't have our own style.

20. We can't be independent.

21. And we definitely cannot follow our dreams.

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