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    21 Everyday Situations That Are Awkward For Muslims

    "I'll have the Filet-O-Fish, please."

    1. When someone walks in on you washing your feet in the sink.

    And they just stare at you until you finish and walk out shamefully.

    2. When someone asks you for a sip of water from that water bottle.

    And you have to reject them and seem randomly harsh.

    3. Accidentally saying "Salam" to someone who isn't a Muslim.

    They'll either be nice and ignore it, or just raise their eyebrow at you.

    4. Or using words such as "mashAllah" and "inshAllah" out of habit.

    And then silently praying that no one heard.

    5. Having a revision beard and being told by your grandparents that you look like an extremist.

    6. When someone likes one of your Facebook pictures from before you wore a hijab.

    And you freak out because you'd forgotten that there are loads of pre-hijabi pictures of you on Facebook.

    7. Praying in between the library shelves because you're too lazy to go to the prayer room.

    Especially when someone is trying to browse in the shelves you are praying next to and you have to subtly move out of the way.

    8. When someone offers you food during Ramadan.

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    And you say it's fine, but really you're dying inside.

    9. When someone offers you food and you have to check whether it contains gelatin.

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    "One of those Muslims that reads the back of the packet".

    10. When men ask whether you could take off your hijab so they can see your hair.

    And you give them a look like, "Are you for real?"

    11. Being judged when you order a Filet-o-Fish at McDonald's.

    Because no one orders a Filet-O-Fish at McDonald's except pescetarians and Muslims.

    12. Trying to fit your timetable around your prayers.

    Planning your day around your prayers is a daily mission.

    13. Needing to pass wind during prayer.

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    And trying desperately to hold it in until the end of the prayer.

    14. Trying to get through the day without breaking your wudu.

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    Which means holding in everything all day.

    15. When people try to identify you from your ID card but you're a niqabi.

    It's not going to go well, is it?

    16. When all of your colleagues go to the pub after work.

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    And you either decline or go and awkwardly hold your Diet Coke whilst everyone slowly gets drunk around you.

    17. Trying to figure out the qibla direction in a new area.


    Pair this with trying to make the compass work on your iPhone, and you have a recipe for disaster.

    18. Hunting for your shoes after Jummah.

    19. When a member of the opposite sex tries to shake your hand or hug you.


    And you have to try and pull off a step-back and wave with style, which always ends up being awkward.

    20. Having the mandatory 10-minute argument over who leads prayer.

    21. And finally, everything related to going to the airport.

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