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What To Do When Someone Announces Their Engagement

A step by step guide to controlling your self loathing.

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SURPRISE! A friend of yours is engaged and of course they post it to their timeline.

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These days it seems like there’s a new announcement every week. Whether it’s a long lost friend, one of your distant relatives, or, if you’re really unlucky, your ex, you're forced to see endless posts about them and their wedding for months to come. Here's how to deal.

Step 3: Call up your favorite single friend.

She’s the one you drag to those disastrous double dates, she’s your partner in crime and she's the evil voice in your head, which makes her the perfect person to talk to about how ugly the ring is.

Step 5: Ignore the vomit inducing pictures of happy couples and \ go stalk your ex instead.

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Not only will this help you realize that you dodged a bullet, it will also cheer you up. Just LOL at the times when you thought he was “marriage material.”

Step 6: Drink.

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When someone pops the question, you need to pop a bottle...or two. Just remember that you’re not the one who's going to have to start dieting for the big day and you can sleep with whoever you want.

If that’s not something to cheers to, I don’t what is.

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