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    17 Gorgeous Gallery Walls You'll Want To Recreate In Your Own Home

    They're trendy AF right now.

    1. The black and white wall:

    2. The corner office:

    3. For the young at heart:

    4. A folk-inspired wall:

    5. Pretty, playful, and pastel:

    6. A pop of color wall:

    7. Prints on prints on prints:

    8. A vintage gallery wall:

    9. A frameless print wall:

    10. For those who go over the top:

    11. And for those who keep it simple:

    12. A whimsical wall:

    13. Pops of pink:

    14. Match it all up:

    15. Or mix it up:

    16. For type A's:

    17. And, finally, for art enthusiasts:

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