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13 Things People With A January Birthday Have To Deal With

Happy birthday to us!

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4. And even if your friends can celebrate with you, there's no chance of having a fun beach or outdoor pool party!


Unless you are lucky and already live some place warm. But for those of us who don't, do you think we can afford a plane ticket to somewhere tropical? Heck no!

5. You've had your fair share of winter-themed birthday parties as a kid.


Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snow tubing, snowshoeing. These can certainly be fun, but just like you, they start to get old after a while. Then you have to resort to indoor activities (which aren't as fun, to be honest).

6. And if you're old enough to go out to the bars, that means walking around and waiting outside just to have some fun.


Let's see, which heels are good for trudging through snow? And what outfit will keep me warm so I don't have to wear a bulky winter coat?

7. It might still be winter break when your birthday comes around.


Pro: If you're still in grade school, then you and your friends can celebrate the whole day and night together! Con: If you're in college, all of your friends might have gone home and won't be there to celebrate with you, which leads us back up to #3.

8. Or even better, you might have a snow day on your birthday!


Day off from school that wasn't planned? YES PLEASE. Too much snow for a safe drive to work? Call in sick and give yourself a snow day on YOUR DAY!

10. All in all, January is just kind of an awkward time for a birthday.


We're all getting used to the fact that it's a new year. Everyone goes through this adjustment period. It just kind of sucks when it happens over your day of birth!

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