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Literally 100 Things You Can Do With Pumpkins

Hundred percent sure it's pumpkin season. From crafts to clothes the possibilities are endless!

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1. Fishbowl

2. Cat toy

3. Eat cereal out of it

4. Pumpkin bowling

5. Vase

6. Make a pumpkin scented candle

7. Carve it

8. Plant a plant in it

9. Mixing bowl

10. Fill it with candy for trick-or-treaters

11. Drink a PSL out of it

12. Dog toy

13. Paint it

14. Carve it

15. Light a fire in it

16. Pumpkin Keg

17. Physics experiment

18. Use it as a stool

19. Use snapchat filters on it

20. Bench Press it

21. Fake a pregnancy

22. Carve it

23. Do crafts with the seeds

24. Make pumpkin pie

25. Give candy out of it during halloween

26. Wrap a birthday present in it

27. Popcorn bowl

28. Bake the seeds

29. Pumpkin Soup

30. Carve it out and use it as a beer cooler

31. Punch bowl

32. Wear it as a helmet

33. Use pumpkin guts as a facial scrub

34. Make pumpkin dog treats

35. Make a canoe (requires giant pumpkins)

36. Medicine ball slams

37. Pumpkin bra


38. Shoes

39. Hat

40. Candle holder

41. Basketball

42. Hollow it out and use it as a speaker

43. Wheels

44. Carve it

45. Coffee table decoration

46. Smash it

47. Throw it at someone

48. Eat the seeds

49. Use it as a mask

50. Grow another pumpkin

51. Play catch

52. Make a mess

53. Give it to your mom as a present

54. Put a rink inside and ask your girlfriend to help you carve it

55. Carve it

56. Make a jack-o-lantern

57. Fill it with dynamite and confetti

58. Cut it up and use for flavor in your food

59. Punching bag

60. Cat House

61. Make a pumpkin snowman

62. Paint it black

63. Sell it for a small loss on the price you bought it for

64. Throw it at a ghost

65. Throw it at a trick-or-treater

66. Use it as a baby seat

67. Carve it

68. Use a small pumpkin as a book end

69. Use two pumpkins as dumbells

70. Pumpkin suit

71. Door handle

72. Break up with someone while holding a pumpkin

73. Carve it

74. Fill it with candy and have people hit it

75. Jack-0-lantern

76. Dog Costume

77. Speaker

78. Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte from scratch

79. Cookie jar

80. Carve it

81. Feed it to the squirrels

82. Have a pumpkin patch photo shoot

83. Give it to a friend

84. Give it to a trick-or-treater instead of candy

85. Carve it

86. PiƱata

87. Use it as part of a scare crow costume

88. Post all your pumpkin crafts on Pinterest

89. Carve a jack-o-lantern

90. Leave it in your neighbor's lawn

91. Trap a chipmunk in it

92. Bring it to work to show your co-workers

93. Hide them around your house

94. Use it as a jewelry box (until it rots)

95. Give a PSL to your friend... in the pumpkin

96. Make pumpkin bread

97. Make more pumpkin bread

98. Use a pumpkin as a paper weight

99. Put a secret message in it

100. Make another jack-o-lantern

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