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Literally 100 Things You Can Do With Pumpkins

Hundred percent sure it's pumpkin season. From crafts to clothes the possibilities are endless!

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10. Fill it with candy for trick-or-treaters

30. Carve it out and use it as a beer cooler

33. Use pumpkin guts as a facial scrub

35. Make a canoe (requires giant pumpkins)

42. Hollow it out and use it as a speaker

53. Give it to your mom as a present

54. Put a rink inside and ask your girlfriend to help you carve it

57. Fill it with dynamite and confetti

58. Cut it up and use for flavor in your food

63. Sell it for a small loss on the price you bought it for

68. Use a small pumpkin as a book end

72. Break up with someone while holding a pumpkin

74. Fill it with candy and have people hit it

78. Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte from scratch

82. Have a pumpkin patch photo shoot

84. Give it to a trick-or-treater instead of candy

87. Use it as part of a scare crow costume

88. Post all your pumpkin crafts on Pinterest

90. Leave it in your neighbor's lawn

92. Bring it to work to show your co-workers

94. Use it as a jewelry box (until it rots)

95. Give a PSL to your friend... in the pumpkin

98. Use a pumpkin as a paper weight

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