How Advertising Icons Would Look If They Aged

Don’t be fooled by their boyish good looks. These advertising all stars found the fountain of youth. But what if they hadn’t? Check out how Big Boy, Little Debbie, and others should look and cast your vote for your favorite ad icon to be displayed at Advertising Week starting October 1st.

1. Big Boy

Born 1942 (age 70)

2. Little Debbie

Born 1960 (age 52)

3. Chicken of the Sea Mermaid

Born 1952 (age 60)

4. Morton Salt Umbrella Girl

Born 1914 (age 98)

5. Poppin' Fresh

Born 1965 (age 47)

6. Coppertone Girl

Born 1944 (age 68)

7. Ronald McDonald

Born 1963 (age 49)

8. Clippy

Born 1997 (Only 15 years-old, but that’s like 200 in paperclip years)


Additional Oldies:Quaker Oatmeal Man - 135 years-oldMr. Peanut - 96 years-oldThe Michelin Man - 114 years-oldThe Jolly Green Giant - 84 years-oldColonel Sanders - 122 years-old (must be all that fried chicken)

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