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The ahlburgers

Staying true to its philosophy to Be Original, A&E partnered with BuzzFeed to create custom social posts that excited audiences and promoted tune-in for Season 2 premiere of the Emmy-nominated series Wahlburgers.


A&E and BuzzFeed created two posts to promote the return of Wahlburgers, a reality TV show chronicling one of Boston's most well-known families, the Wahlbergs, and their burger business. With the goal of reaching a broad audience during the summertime, A&E and BuzzFeed crafted stories around one of America's favorite foods, the burger. The program resulted in 12 Unexpected Burger Toppings Everyone Needs To Try Immediately and a quiz, What Kind of Burger Are You?

Live! Wahlburgers On Wheels

A&E further catered to its demographic of adventurous food-lovers by introducing Wahlburgers On Wheels. Wahlburgers On Wheels toured major East Coast cities along the U.S. and set up food trucks at designated locations where attendees were served authentic Wahlburgers food and took BuzzFeed's "What Kind of Burger are You?" quiz on tablets in real-time.


"What Kind Of Burger Are You?"

221K Total Views

173K Paid Views

47K Earned Views

Nielsen Online Brand Effect Study

To measure the impact of Wahlburgers BuzzFeed content on tune-in intent for season 2, A&E and BuzzFeed conducted a Nielsen Online Brand Effect Study. Respondents were divided into control and exposed groups, then further segmented based on how the user arrived to the content, via paid promotion or social sharing.

Overall, readers exposed to A&E's BuzzFeed content expressed an 147.1% higher intent to watch Wahlburgers than those who were not exposed to the content.

Furthermore, BuzzFeed found that readers exposed to A&E's BuzzFeed content through social sharing were the most heavily influenced with a 216.2% brand lift. This proves the positive brand impact and value that is driven as a result of social sharing.

Positive responses favored the strongest intent to watch, with 208.5% lift in those who answered they "definitely will" tune into Wahlburgers.

Key Takeaways

Aligning the love of food and sharing, A&E and BuzzFeed provided the full Wahlburger experience. A&E engaged and entertained readers through social storytelling while staying true to the brand voice - raising awareness, building enthusiasm, and proving tune-in intent to Wahlburgers Season 2.

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