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As a brand that believes cars should not only provide premium quality and value but also a sense of pride and community, MINI once again invited its owners to celebrate "motoring culture" on an unforgettable road trip in MINI Takes The States (MTTS). Traveling over 5,000 miles, through 15 cities, and 18 states, BuzzFeed joined MINI owners, "Motorers," from all over the country on this epic journey to capture the excitement, fun and camaraderie that MINI is all about.


In the first program of its kind, BuzzFeed, BSSP and MINI created an in-depth video series including 6 co-branded videos, 7 white-label videos, and a short documentary-style white-label video to capture the MTTS spirit.

Co-branded videos followed thematic story lines such as "Conversations You Always Have In Cars" and were distributed on BuzzFeed’s video properties. White-label videos featuring only MINI’s branding focused on MTTS specific subjects such as "MTTS YOU-ification," and were distributed on MINI’s social and video properties. The program provided a wide array of content to capture the MINI Mindset for audiences to enjoy. To bring the program full circle, MINI and BuzzFeed produced a white-label documentary tying all of these videos together to give viewers the full picture of what being a Motorer means and why MTTS is so special.

In addition to the compelling video portfolio, BuzzFeed took images, videos and GIFs on the road which were then promoted on social platforms and the MINI website, gaining even more attraction and impressions for the program. Together, BuzzFeed, BSSP and MINI collaborated as one team to create a truly impactful program.

"BuzzFeed was a partner uniquely qualified to bring a real world experience to life in a digital world."
- Lee Nadler
Marketing Communications Manager, MINI


The program had overwhelmingly positive responses from users, with a 93% like ratio and 4.9MM+ total views.

Overall, audience sentiment was extremely positive with 3 out of 4 comments expressing favorable reactions to the campaign and MINI as a brand. Furthermore, out of all video comments mentioning MINI, 50% expressed pride, admiration or desire for MINI.

To measure the creative effectiveness of MINI's BuzzFeed videos, BuzzFeed partnered with research vendor, Ace Metrix, to gather real-time qualitative and quantitative insights.

Ace Metrix surveys audiences on TV commercials & online video ads. Based on responses to over 40K+ commercials, Ace Metrix maintains a database of scores and industry norms to measure creative effectiveness. "The Unwritten Rules of the Road" performed above Ace Metrix's 2014 Auto Industry Creative Effectiveness norm for Breakthrough measures (Attention and Likeability) and Relevance, with the best results coming from viewers who are intending to purchase a vehicle in the next 6 months. The video performed 20% higher than the Ace Metrix Auto norm for driving positive emotional sentiment among all demographics. The ad especially resonated with younger viewers between the ages of 21-35, who said the elements of the ad they loved the most were its personal feel and the connection the video had to the brand.

"This was not about going out and buying a new car but about what can be done with the car. Everything was about the car but the ad wasn't about a price, It was for the memories the car makers want you to have with their product. GREAT AD!!!!!"

- Ace Metrix participant


Through social storytelling with BuzzFeed, MINI gave viewers a glimpse into its unique, tight-knit community and showcased how being part of the MINI Mindset brings all different personalities together in pride. By creating fun and passionate content, MINI positioned itself as a brand that celebrates its owner community, resulting in heightened awareness and enthusiasm among its audience.

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