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MINI and BuzzFeed first collaborated in mid-2012 to launch a series of custom social posts centered around the marketing slogan “Not Normal.” After a highly successful first program, MINI returned to expand its base of content with BuzzFeed's highly engaged audience. The primary goals of MINI's second collaboration with BuzzFeed were to continue broadening awareness for the brand slogan “Not Normal,” emotionally engage with its audience, and enhance perception of MINI as a fun brand.

25 Places That Look Not Normal, But Are Actually Real
Tunnel of Love- Kleven, Ukraine.

“BuzzFeed is a great partner to share MINI's “Not Normal” messages in “Not Normal” ways that go beyond conventional advertising.” — Lee Nadler, MINI Marketing Communications Manager


Drawing from experience, BuzzFeed and MINI created 7 new custom social posts to add to their existing base. The posts challenged readers to reconsider “Normal” - inspiring them with amazing “Not Normal” topics ranging from environmental phenomena to interesting competitions, and bold fashion statements. The theme reflected MINI's personality and voice, allowing the branding to integrate seamlessly into the content.

Lake Retba- Senegal.
Crystal Cave- Skaftafell, Iceland.
10 Not Normal Phenomena That Actually Exist No, this isn't a screenshot from Ghostbusters II. Red tides occur when algae rapidly accumulate in an area of water.


Reader reaction was extraordinary - the new wave of content drew in over 1 million engagements, two thirds of which resulted from social sharing. In addition, MINI's first round of BuzzFeed content was featured in the right rail section of the new post pages, providing even greater exposure, momentum, and page views. To quantify the program's impact on brand perception and purchase intent, BuzzFeed and MINI conducted a Nielsen Online Brand Effect study. The study proved that readers went beyond sharing MINI's BuzzFeed content with their friends, to truly embracing the MINI brand.

“MINI is a brand that stands for fun”
52.2% Brand Lift
Control Exposed

Overall, readers exposed to MINI's BuzzFeed content through social sharing were 52.2% more likely to agree that MINI is a fun brand.

“MINI is a car I might consider for my next vehicle purchase”
32.9% Brand Lift
Control Exposed

Overall, readers exposed to MINI's BuzzFeed content through social sharing were 32.9% more likely to respond that they would consider MINI for their next vehicle purchase.

13 Everyday Things With Not Normal Names
Petrichor: The scent of rain on dry earth.

Key Takeaways

MINI's BuzzFeed program exceeded its engagement goal and objective to enhance brand perception. Even more valuable was the measurable gain in purchase intent and consideration. By increasing the length and flight of their campaign in collaboration with BuzzFeed, MINI achieved cumulative gains from exposure and iteration, and drove more traffic to existing posts.

Mini + BuzzFeed

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