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General Electric

Since 2010, GE and BuzzFeed have maintained a strategic partnership that leverages the versatility of the BuzzFeed platform to supplement marketing efforts across GE's diverse divisions. Custom content, video, and integrations on BuzzFeed have elevated GE's social presence and conversation in every category from the Paris Air Show to 6-second science experiments. These custom social programs establish GE as a leader in social advertising, gain national press, and amplify the success of GE's overarching marketing efforts.

Inventors' Day Program

GE brings great ideas to life and encourages the community of engineers and entrepreneurs to do the same, so a marketing program around Inventors' Day was a natural fit. To recognize great inventions of the past and create a social conversation about inventions of the future, GE and BuzzFeed created five custom social posts and a custom video. Ze Frank, BuzzFeed's EVP of Video, worked with GE to ensure the final product integrated seamlessly into GE's content strategy.

“We believe that brands should identify days that are important to their audience rather than waiting for prime time events to participate.” - Jon Lombardo, head of GE's social media center

GE also leveraged its posts and custom video to draw attention to its #IWantToInvent Twitter hashtag, which allowed readers to tweet ideas and see them brought to life by a GE blueprint artist. Leading up to Inventors' Day, GE incorporated the content into its social media strategy. As the posts spread, so did the hashtag. To bring the program full circle, GE and BuzzFeed dedicated one post to showcasing the best ideas imagined by participants.

Pi Day Program

In a true showing of GE's innovative, yet geeky spirit, it encouraged fans and friends to join in a celebration of Pi Day. Marketing efforts included two custom social posts with BuzzFeed to build excitement and generate engagement with GE's Pi Day festivities, a #PiDay Twitter hashtag, virtual slices of pie, and 314 actual pies delivered across the country.

The BuzzFeed posts launched a week before Pi Day and both performed exceptionally well, earning Social Lifts of 1.9X and 3.3X - far above the BuzzFeed benchmark of 1.3X. However, the value of the posts went far beyond Social Lift. By spreading its message across the social web and generating excitement early on, GE was able to boost the effectiveness of its entire Pi Day marketing initiative.


To measure the impact of some of GE's BuzzFeed content on brand perception, BuzzFeed and GE conducted a study with Nielsen Online Brand Effect. The partnership's content proved to have dramatic effect on positive brand associations, with significant lift in perception of GE as innovative, inspiring, and inventive. Results were amplified when users discovered content through social sharing.

Responses by brand attribute


40.8% Brand Lift


75.8% Brand Lift


28.2% Brand Lift
Control Exposed

“Overall, our mandate is to make great editorial content that orbits around the main premise and do what we can to further the ancillary participation objectives they have.” - Ze Frank, BuzzFeed's EVP of Video

Key Takeaways

Inventors' Day and Pi Day are just two of the many programs GE has seen enormous success with on BuzzFeed. Throughout the partnership, GE and BuzzFeed have collaborated on custom programs as diverse as GE itself. From aviation, to efficiency, to timeless tech, GE has trusted BuzzFeed to be a strategic partner spanning its divisions and marketing programs. Leveraging the power of social engagement and sharing, GE amplified the success of all its social initiatives through BuzzFeed.

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