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Famous Footwear is a leading family footwear destination featuring hundreds of name brands for women, men, and kids in an easy one-stop shop. With the goal of bringing itself to the forefront of millennials' minds during the holiday season, Famous Footwear partnered with BuzzFeed for an innovative and engaging social program.


To increase brand awareness, excitement and purchase consideration with millennials, Famous Footwear & BuzzFeed created 4 custom posts, 1 quiz and 1 premium post, focused on the love for footwear & foot care. Keeping the shoe conversation fun and fresh, program content ranged from "16 Struggles Every Shoe Lover Has Experienced" to "Every Person At The Party, As Identified By Their Shoes," providing a variety of relatable content for the desired audience.

To further engage audiences, Famous Footwear and BuzzFeed created a custom quiz "What Shoe Is Your Solemate," prompting readers to find & share their "solemate" with friends.


Overall, the program had high engagement with 548,377 total views, 1.2X social lift and 94% positive sentiment across all post reactions. In addition to the successful overall results, Famous Footwear reached its target audience. The Famous Footwear content was consumed by women 18-34 at a rate 4X higher than the internet average.

To measure the impact of program content on users' purchase intent, BuzzFeed and Famous Footwear ran a Nielsen Online Brand Effect Study. Two groups were surveyed: a control group of readers who did not see the Famous Footwear content and an exposed group of those who did read the sponsored posts.

Overall, people who read Famous Footwear's BuzzFeed content were 2.8X more likely to express intent to shop at Famous Footwear than BuzzFeed visitors who did not read these posts. Directionally, brand lift was even higher when people were exposed to the content via social sharing.

Positive responses skewed heavily towards highest intent to shop at Famous Footwear this holiday season with a 718% lift in "Definitely will" responses.


Through original social storytelling with BuzzFeed, Famous Footwear successfully achieved its goal of increasing brand awareness, excitement and purchase intent with the desired audience. Famous Footwear's BuzzFeed content positively influenced brand perception and purchase intent with audiences. By creating an engaging variety of content, Famous Footwear positioned itself as a retailer that shoppers can relate to.

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