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    10 Reasons To Visit Antarctica

    With temperatures rising and ice melting faster than ever, now is the time to see Antarctica before it's too late!. Unspoiled by mass tourism, crowded with wildlife and loads of show stopping ice, Antarctica is about as off the beaten path as it gets. Wanna start shopping Antarctica cruises? Look no further than Oceanwide Expeditions!

    1. The Ice

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    Get there before it's gone: The real star of Antarctica is the ice in all it's stunning hues of blue. With some of the highest recorded temperatures on the polar continent in the recent years the ice is disappearing faster than ever.

    2. Historic Sites

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    Want to walk in the footsteps of your favorite polar explorers? You can! The historic huts of Borchgrevink (pictured), Scott, Shackleton and more are being preserved by the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

    3. The Darling Penguins

    Nicole Smoot / Via

    Really, how could you not love penguins? With their adorable antics and curious spirit the penguins of Antarctica will make any trip to the seventh continent unforgettable.

    4. Landscapes Like Nowhere Else

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    Antarctica has landscapes that will satisfy any traveler. With ice filled bays, stegosaurus-esque mountains, ice covered barren nothingness, and volcanic black sand beaches there's no shortage of amazing around every corner.

    5. Unrivaled Whale Watching

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    February and March are the best months to see whales in the seas around the continent. Keep an easy-to-slip-on pair of shoes nearby for the call to come over the intercoms- "Thousands of whales surrounding the ship, get outside now!".

    6. Get Up Close & Personal With Glaciers

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    Antarctica is bursting at its seams with glaciers. But don't wait too long, with rising sea temperatures and daily highs in summer soaring higher than ever before, these glaciers are receding quickly.

    7. The Lemaire Channel

    Nicole Smoot / Via

    Brace yourselves for sunrise and sunset in the Lemaire Channel, it doesn't get much more beautiful than this. There's no denying why its nickname is the "Kodak Gap".

    8. Come Face to Face with Seals

    Nicole Smoot / Via

    Who needs coffee? Nothing beats the adrenaline rush or will wake you up quicker than having a young Leopard Seal checking out you and your fellow explorers on zodiac just mere feet from each other.

    9. Bird-Bird-Bird-Bird-Bird Bird Bird-Bird

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    When most people think exotic birds they think of parrots with brightly colored feathers... Think again! The Antarctic and even Subantarctic are full of some of the world's most rarely seen birds including several species of Albatross, Petrel, and the Skua.

    10. The Desolation

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    Wanna get away from it all- Tired of the fake news, political debacles and the daily grind? Antarctica is definitely the place for you.

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    *I have a business relationship with Oceanwide Expeditions and traveled to the remote Ross Sea as a press representative on board the M/V Ortelius. All opinions are my own.