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      Unfortunately, it is this new “8 & 4” advice that is garbage! It is entirely true that the number of serious arm and facial injuries increased dramatically when drivers’ airbags were invented, but the biggest cause is NOT holding the wheel at “10 & 2,” it is due to the inappropriate method of steering that most people were taught or later adopted through - dare I say it - laziness. It is crossing your arms over the wheel while turning it that (rather obviously) causes danger if the airbag fires and blasts your arms into your face! Proper (as in vastly safer) “pull-push” steering has been compulsory for passing the test in some countries for decades but here in the USA, where drivers’ ed and the driving test are regrettably very poor quality, sloppy “hand-over” (a.k.a. “rotational”) steering is allowed, and THAT is what causes the main part of the danger!

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