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Reasons Why Ellen Pompeo Is A Queen

You probably simply know her as 'Meredith Grey' of Grey's Anatomy, but here's a list of reasons her fans think that Ellen Pompeo is a real queen.

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1. She is in her thirteenth season of portraying Meredith Grey, an iconic TV character.

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This should be reason enough for Grey's Anatomy fans to love and admire Ellen. Without Meredith, there is no Grey's Anatomy. Although many people would like to argue that the show's title is simply a play on the similarly titled book, 'Gray's Anatomy', and could continue without Meredith, the show was built around Meredith Grey and her life. Meredith is involved somehow in nearly every storyline of the show and is one of the only characters to have appeared in every single episode. The fact that fans still tune in almost 12 years later is testament to the acting and Ellen is a huge part of that.

2. She inspires her fans to do good in the world.

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She inspires her fans to be aware of various social and environmental issues in today's world. Some of her fans have even started organizations to support the causes Ellen (and they) care about most. For example, the Sass Squad started as a birthday project for Ellen to fundraise for Ocean Conservancy, and has grown into a much bigger movement. elleCare was initially started in response to Ellen’s call for action regarding the elephant crisis, and Pompeo’s Posse was started in order to address various issues of social change, such as gun violence. All of these groups are doing something to help create change and Ellen should be applauded for inspiring these movements.

3. She is a sass queen.

If people are free to murder and spew hate I am free to love and spew compassion #fukyocoldblackhearts #iamsickandtired

Ellen never fails to speak her mind and doesn't care what you think. She has a voice, and she's using it. If you're disrespectful or sassy to her, you'd better be prepared for the fallout from Ellen AND her fans!

4. She's addressing the topic of aging in Hollywood.

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The CoolAger campaign, in partnership with Philosophy Beauty, is built to inspire women to embrace aging. Ellen said it best: “We get better, stronger, confident, more beautiful”. Ellen is helping to redefine aging in Hollywood and that’s an important topic. She’s not afraid to speak about the tough issues and point out problems in society.

6. She's lightning on her feet.

Ellen Pompeo / Via Instagram

Ellen can dance like you wouldn’t believe. She used to sneak out to go to the clubs as a teen growing up in Boston, so it's not surprising that she's got incredible dance moves. It's a good thing Ellen has no shortage of dance partners to hang out with on set!

7. Her Instagram selfie game is strong.

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Seriously, Ellen’s Instagram selfie game is on fire. The woman is flawless. While she doesn’t post a lot of selfies, choosing instead to focus on raising awareness of real-world issues, when she does, you know the whole fandom is going to lose its collective mind.

8. Remember that time she was in Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' music video?

Anyone who knows anything about Taylor knows that she loves Grey’s Anatomy, and even named one of her cats after Meredith Grey. So who better to be in her music video than the actress who plays Meredith Grey herself? Ellen slayed as ‘Luna’, one of the characters who taught Taylor how to be a spy.

9. Seriously, why hasn't this woman won an Emmy yet???

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Ellen is an incredible actress. If you haven’t watched season 12 episode 9 of Grey's Anatomy, ‘The Sound of Silence’, you really should get on that. Meredith is unable to hear or talk for the majority of the episode, yet viewers are still able to sense every thought and emotion running through Meredith’s head. That in itself is a testament to Ellen's acting and many of her fans would agree that she deserves to win an Emmy for that episode in particular, among others.

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