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Outrage After Someone Taped Racist Messages To The Window Of This Woman's Shop

"We thought that this no longer existed," the manager of the shop told BuzzFeed News.

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The manager of a cosmetics and hair care shop in Paris called Colorful Black shared this message that was put up on her front window this week.

""We do not want an AFRO shop here selling plastic hair," the message said:

We do not want a future Château-Rouge or Château d'Eau neighborhood that has become a trashy neighborhood.

We want a shop that gives life to a neighborhood, a food store or a bar or a restaurant.

We do not want customers from social houses in this street where the price per square meter is €10,000.

Why is it always you Africans who ask for and get all subsidies or free things?
Another low rent by the city of Paris? For plastic hair

You're there but you are not welcome."


"I found the poster on Wednesday, January 20, when I was opening the shop," Anne-Marie Mendy, the Colorful Black shop manager, told BuzzFeed News. "My first instinct was to pull off the poster and I saw that there was a second one, identical to it."

According to Mendy, her business had never had any problems before.

"When I saw that, my husband went immediately to complain to the police and they took it very seriously," Mendy said. "We have never had a problem until last Friday, the eve of the opening of the new shop, where my husband heard people in the street say: 'They are going to invade us', 'it's them again.' This was already sad."

Paris police did not respond to requests for comment.

"We thought it no longer existed in 2016. I thought it was over. I do not know if it's purely racist, but it's free ill-will and cowardice. There may also be jealousy because we are on the corner of the street."

Adrien Sénécat / BuzzFeed News

Anne-Marie Mendy stuck a poster saying "you are prohibited from putting up signs here or we will prosecute you" on the front window of her shop.


"I come from the suburbs, I have no shame. I am for work. I chose to create my business for a living. I pay a lot of taxes for that matter, perhaps more than those who stuck this message."

The shop manager said she didn't consider moving despite this incident.

"I will not move, for sure, and I will not change my name.

It's not because we're African we must live in Château-Rouge. My shop offers specific products to customers who need them."

In the last few days, Anne-Marie Mendy had been supported by many Internet users, who quickly shared the poster in outrage over what the message it said.

Voilà ce qui a été placardé sur les portes de la boutique de produits capillaires afro, Colorful Black. A vomir 😤

The mayor of the second district of Paris, Jacques Boutault, also gave his support on Twitter.

Choquant et scandaleux. Tout mon soutien aux gérants de ce commerce auxquels j'ai fait part de mon indignation.

"I support the owners of this shop and I told them I was shocked."

"I knew I wasn't alone, but it's a real pleasure to have received these messages," says Anne-Marie Mendy.

Adrien Sénécat est journaliste chez BuzzFeed News France et travaille depuis Paris.

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