15 Times Jimmy Fallon Brought Joy To Humanity

Well, first off, he was born. That was a start right there.

1. 1. When he took the red carpet to new heights.


2. 2. When he dared to hip hop dance during his opening dialogue.

It makes sense, really.

3. 3. When he had a moment with Elmo.

Aww, Elmo’s so happy to be with Jimmy.

4. 4. When he reenacted “West Side Story” with his predecessor, Jay Leno.

Tonightttt, tonightttt, only on Tonight.

5. 5. When he lip synced with John Krasinski.

Yes, please.

6. 6. When he channelled Beyonce with the First Lady.

The resemblance is uncanny.

7. 7. When he went to camp with Justin.

Look at their intensity.

8. 8. When Justin was the Patrick Swayze to Jimmy’s Demi Moore.

They’re practically soulmates.

9. 9. When he dressed up as holiday merriment with Justin.

Basically, they need to get married.

10. 10. When he was a tween girl with Channing, and made this face.


11. 11. When he waved to his new baby girl, Winnie, on live TV.

Ovaries all over the world exploded upon viewing.

12. 12. When he completed this fancy maneuver.

Whatever it is, it’s amazing.

13. 13. When he got excited this one time.

Hell, whenever he gets excited!

14. 14. When he kissed his puppy on Late Night.

Can we please talk about the name of Gary? Brilliant.

15. 15. When he took over the Tonight Show.

Thank you, Jimmy, for bringing forth a new era.

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