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11 Frightening Statistics Of How Women Are Viewed In The Media (In Percents)

A definitive roast of sexism

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4. Ratio of Men in Hollywood Working on Films to Women Working on Films via GMU Film & Media Studies

Via GMU Film and Media Studies

In 2010, director, Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win best film at The Oscar's. The movie was a low-budget film on the war in Iraq entitled, The Hurt Locker.

5. Percentage of Writers, Directors, Producers, Creators, Executives, Editors on Broadcast TV During the 2011 prime-time season (It's Only 25%) via Ms. Magazine

Via Ms. Magazine

Only 25% were women...

The most notable TV show characters of women working in the media are Mary Richard's from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Liz Lemon from Thirty Rock.

7. Gender of Sunday Morning Television Show Hosts

A recent addition to the Sunday morning news show host circuit is Jane Pauley who is now the moderator for CBS News Sunday Morning.

11. Best Director of a Play @ Tony Awards

In 1998, Garry Hynes was the first woman to win best director for a play at The Tony Awards. The play was called The Beauty Queen of Leenane.

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