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    • adriannem4

      I’m from Albuquerque, NM and there are quite a few creepy buildings. The old ABQ High School, abandoned hospitals, TONS of Native American burial sites, etc. But there’s this “abandoned mental hospital” (I use quotes because the history has become much more of an urban legend than anything,) in a seedy part of town.  So when I was 15, my friend’s brother dropped us off a block away from the building and made us go in. The place is all crumbling walls and old equipment. There’s tons of graffiti, mostly gang related, but some of the drawings were pretty disturbing. The thing is, though, the scariest part about the place was the guard. If this guy caught someone in the building he would literally run out of his house with a mf-ing shotgun! Ya…. I guess the only thing teens in ABQ really have to do for fun is gamble for buckshot in our asses.

    • Response to Top 10 Reasons Atheists Suck:

      ………Ithink this person is trying (unsuccessfully) to be sarcastic. Listen, if you’re going to make jokes, try being funny, or smart, or some combination thereof. K? People think you’re serious and are therefore getting pissed off. Troll fail.

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