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How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To "Bodak Yellow" By Cardi B?

"You can't fuck with me if you wanted to."

adriannam4b5bc7fbf • One year ago

The Guide To Be Healthy This Thanksgiving Break

The motivation for this article is for those searching for healthy alternatives this holiday season. Last Thanksgiving I had gained a few pounds after spending the Holidays back home. I want to motivate others in being more food conscious this holiday season by providing a Thanksgiving guide on supplement options for food. The guide is directly targeting those aged 18 to 25 in college and or community college. My target audience are those who are interested in losing weight, those who are trying to find healthy alternatives to their holiday favorites. My headline analysis gave me a 50 % out of 100. I receive Intellectual impact words are best used to attune copy and sales messages aimed at people and businesses involved in the fields of education, law, medicine, research, politics, and similar fields.

adriannam4b5bc7fbf • One year ago