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    34 Things That'll Help You Be A More Adventurous Person

    Time to get out of your comfort zone and go carpe the f*ck outta this diem!

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    1. An encouraging book that'll help boost your confidence and encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and live an awesome life!

    2. A LifeProof phone case so you never have to worry about your phone getting damaged or broken while you're living your most adventurous life.

    3. A bike as a scenic alternative to driving or taking public transportation that'll help you see new places you would never find in a car.

    4. An "adventure fund" bank because trying to save money could be an adventure in itself.

    5. A 30-day challenge notepad to give you that daily nudge to push yourself.

    6. A two-person tent that'll shelter you and a buddy from unwelcome visitors during your outdoor adventures. Bugs and bats and bears, oh my!

    7. A lightweight hammock where you can lounge and take in Mother Nature's beauty, from wherever you've ventured.

    8. An inflatable waterproof solar-powered lantern for all the light you could need without the added weight while off the beaten path.

    9. A ukulele starter kit to explore your musical side without the price tag and commitment of a larger instrument!

    10. A sushi making kit because making sushi seems intimidating but this kit can help you conquer the challenge.

    11. Or a Blue Apron subscription box which will send you new recipes to experiment with each week and help you stop eating the same basic grilled cheese you fall back on every night.

    12. A hot sauce roulette set! Warning: you may want to have a glass of milk at the ready if you're even daring enough to play!

    13. An edible cricket sampler pack because if you claim that you'll try anything then why don't you put your crickets where your mouth is?

    14. An adventurous book that's sure to inspire you to embark on a similar journey!

    15. A unique Game of Thrones or globe puzzle will be way more exciting than the basic puzzles you're used to.

    16. Lonely Planet's Best in 2018 travel guide which can give you the inside scoop on the best places to visit this year and how to make the most of your travels.

    17. A pair of super comfy slip-on sneakers with a cushioned footbed and padded collar for keeping your feet happy and blister-free throughout all your adventures.

    18. An anti-theft backpack to safe-guard your stuff against sneaky pickpockets while you travel.

    19. A travel wallet that'll keep all your important items organized and easily accessible because nothing ruins an adventure like a lost passport.

    20. A Groupon getaway package either local or abroad so you can explore new places on the cheap.

    21. A scratch-off world map for that super satisfying feeling of scratching destinations off your bucket list (or map in this case) that'll encourage you to adventure even more!

    22. A jar of Manic Panic semi-permanent hair color because nothing will scream "daring" like rainbow hair!

    23. Or a faux bang clip-on to experiment with bangs without the commitment of actually chopping your precious locks.

    24. A Birchbox subscription that can help you discover new brands and products each month that you wouldn't normally go for.

    25. A Trunk Club subscription box for stylist-selected outfits you wouldn't normally consider wearing delivered to your door! Plus, you'll rack up Nordstrom rewards points while you're at it!

    26. A super realistic temporary tattoo that may inspire you to take a chance and go for the real deal!

    27. A versatile multi-tool — it'll help you tackle any issues that may come your way while experimenting with new stuff around the house or on the road.

    28. A LiveNation ticket to see your favorite artist in concert! It'll be way more exciting than listening through headphones on your way to work.

    29. A bracelet flask so you can dance the night away at that music festival without spending half of it waiting on line for a drink. Sip sip hooray!

    30. A pet travel bag because what would an adventure be without your favorite travel buddy!

    31. A set of four sex dice with 24 positions and 60 foreplay options guaranteed to spice things up in the bedroom.

    32. A Diva Cup so you can worry less about your period and live life more freely while horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking, or doing whatever other activities you love.

    33. A big book of adventures in case you're ever running low on ideas for your next escapade!

    34. And a GoPro to easily document and share all your adventures with family and friends!

    Off you go!

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