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    19 Of The Best Umbrellas You Can Get On Amazon

    You can try singing "rain rain go away... " but chances are you're still going to need one of these umbrellas.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A flower umbrella so you can remind yourself that rain is a good thing because April showers bring May flowers!

    Promising review: "Gorgeous umbrella. I bought for a trip to the south of France. When I ordered it, I figured that if it didn't suit me then it would be just perfect to gift to one of my nieces! Well, the little ones missed out on this because I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful purple umbrella! I still think it would make a wonderful gift! The beauty of this umbrella is for all ages, a good sturdy design, tasteful colors and details, and just so uniquely perfect! The umbrella not only opens with a button but it also closes with the same button! Once it closes automatically with the push of a button, it will require a good push to lock it down back to a compact shape. I packed this umbrella in my checked bag both ways. There were a total of four flights and it held up perfectly. My only problem now: I totally want one of these gorgeous flower umbrellas in every color!" β€”Globetrotter333

    Price: $15.99 (available in four colors)

    2. An inverted umbrella with a convenient arm handle so the rain doesn't interfere with your texting.

    Promising review: "What a fantastic umbrella this is!! Double layered for the sun and UV protection, which is really important to me! I can use it and don't have to hold it because it has a C-shaped handle and fits comfortably around my wrist! Another feature that is appealing is that it's windproof and I can close it and the rain goes inward and not out wetting the whole car and no mess ever!! I am really happy that I have this double layered umbrella and would strongly recommend everyone getting one as well!" β€”Cautious Buyer

    Price: $21.99+ (available in seven colors)

    3. A clear bubble umbrella to give you the rainbow you're hoping for even if Mother Nature doesn't.

    Promising review: "I bought this umbrella in hopes that it wouldn't flip inside out when it was windy, and it did that and more. We had a pretty bad storm tonight and the wind was incredibly strong, so strong I really did think it was going to break β€” it not only did not break but it protected me from the hail and the extreme gusts of cold wind from hurting my face. Because it is see-through you can carry it pretty low and look through the umbrella when walking. The wind didn't break the umbrella and it didn't hurt my face. Overall, I am so happy I purchased this umbrella and plan on purchasing more for my family." β€”Pb1124

    Price: $19.50+ (available in three styles)

    4. A dog umbrella for keeping your pooch dry and ohhh sooo adorable!

    Promising review: "This little umbrella fits just perfectly over my dog. He hates the rain and I know this will help me to get him outside. It is easy to use and does not tangle. I'm really happy with it." β€”N. Anderson

    Price: $15.53

    5. An umbrella to protect you when it's raining cats and dogs.

    Promising review: "This umbrella is so cute! Very sleek and sturdy! It holds up great and really keeps me drier than regular-style umbrellas. Hope they come out with more cat designs!" β€”Nicole Z.

    Price: $23 (available in three styles)

    6. A double canopy windproof umbrella that won't take you flying into the wind like Mary Poppins.

    Promising review: "This umbrella is awesome. I've used it a few times already since purchasing a week ago, and it works perfectly. We get a LOT of high winds where I live, and this umbrella functioned perfectly, just as advertised. I love that you can fit up to three people under this thing. The foam handle is a nice touch, the release button to open the umbrella is nicely concealed without being hard to locate, and it closes just as easily as it opens. It's rather difficult to close while you're trying to get into your vehicle, but that's the price you pay for having such a large amount of protection from the rain. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this umbrella again should the need arise." β€”Clmallow

    Price: $19.98+ (available in 13 styles)

    7. A lightsaber LED umbrella so the force can be with you as you fight off the bad weather.

    Promising review: "This is the coolest umbrella ever! I was almost excited it was raining this morning when I was waiting for the bus with my daughter!! It is nice because it isn't cheesy with big Star Wars characters on it like most Star Wars umbrellas. But it's super cool because it's a glowing lightsaber! It comes in a carrying case with a handle, takes three AAA batteries, and has one button for switching lightsaber colors and for switching the light on and off. Also, there is a super bright LED flashlight at the bottom tip of the handle that would be good for seeing to unlock your doors. I would definitely recommend this fun umbrella for Star Wars fans young and old." β€”S B

    Price: $23.77+ (available in five colors)

    8. A 16-rib umbrella β€” it won't flip inside out in the rain because more ribs means a sturdier umbrella!

    Promising review: "If you are even considering this umbrella, BUY IT. It would make Mary Poppins proud. I was walking with three other people in a ridiculous wind storm, like lean into your umbrella because you might also blow away ridiculous, and it held up wonderfully. All three of my companions' umbrellas inverted and were useless. Can't say enough about how you should buy this!" β€”M. Wade

    Price: $22.95+ (available in eight colors)

    9. A lightweight umbrella built to withstand up to 60 MPH winds.

    Promising review: "This is a beautiful umbrella. And it seems to be strong and sturdy as well. I love the spring-loaded umbrella that you can handle with one hand for both opening and closing with just the push of the button. It has been raining non-stop here. So it is perfect timing to get this umbrella. The umbrella has been holding up with the strong wind as well. It handles the strong rain and wind combination pretty well." β€”Firefly

    Price: $14.99+ (available in five colors)

    10. An extra large umbrella you won't mind sharing with someone else.

    Promising review: "I really love this umbrella. It opens with a push of a button and closes just as easily. It's got two velcro wraps and your umbrella is down and out of the way. The 62 inches gives you plenty of room and you can angle it against the wind so you stay dry. Great quality, great price, great value!" β€”David Clingen

    Price: $27.99+ (available in three colors)

    11. An umbrella with a water-repellant teflon coating so you *and* your umbrella will stay dry.

    Promising review: "These are the absolute BEST umbrellas you can buy. It is not the cheapest, but I will never go back to a standard umbrella. Living in Chicago, having a sturdy, portable, and reliable umbrella is a necessity, and this is everything you can ask for, and then some! The automatic open/close feature is amazing, it's truly like magic and very helpful when carrying anything. I would recommend this product to anyone!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $22.95

    12. A helmet umbrella β€” it'll protect your upper body while still allowing you to see where you're going.

    Promising review: "I really love it!! I bought it because even though we have many umbrellas at home, they all are useless any time there is any wind. This one really works does not collapse like the rest of them. Also, because of the design, it takes up less space so you can use it on a busy city sidewalk, without knocking people over. Color is great, can work well for men or women. This definitely deserves a 5-star! I plan on buying one for every member of my family." β€”Esther M.

    Price: $22.95

    13. A 37-inch umbrella designed to be extra aerodynamic so it never flips inside out.

    Promising review: "This is the best umbrella I have ever owned. A colleague turned me onto this brand. He raved about it and he was right. Blunt far surpasses others I have used over the years. It's sturdy and easy to stow in the small size. For urban use it is the perfect size. And importantly, no more worrying about the wind blowing an umbrella apart and lasting only a few uses. Great color choices, too." β€”NYC-SF reader

    Price: $59+ (available in 12 colors)

    14. A pagoda umbrella for adding a little extra whimsy and fun to your rainy day.

    Promising review: "I LOVE my umbrella. I originally bought it as a prop for a pirate maiden costume and it ended up being so nice that I keep it in my car for occasional use during rain storms! It's definitely sturdy, and the long, narrow, curved handle makes it easy to hang on my arm. It's really a beautiful work of art, actually. love it." β€”Sheri Bazany

    Price: $20.99+ (available in 16 colors)

    15. An reverse-closing umbrella so water doesn't shower down on you when you try to close it.

    Promising review: "What a brilliant solution for a very annoying experience with 'regular' umbrellas. I decided to have this umbrella in my car because I have always been annoyed with the way an umbrella opens and the difficulty of getting it out of the car when it is raining. Those umbrellas were hard to get out because of the way the umbrella opened. Not with the Better Brella. I just love this solution. Why did it take so long for someone to realize what was needed?" β€”Dan in Baltimore

    Price: $19.88+ (available in seven styles)

    16. Or a compact reverse folding umbrella for all the convenience packed into a smaller umbrella.

    Promising review: "LOVE THIS!!! I was so blown away by how powerful this little umbrella turned out to be. It arrived right in time as we received a nor'easter the next day! The umbrella was so much bigger than expected. Usually, travel umbrellas are really small in order to fit inside your purse or bag and are pretty small when opened. This one was so big when it's opened!!! Also, the auto open and close are really powerful! It opens up really quickly and closes with such force. And I don't get wet! I love this umbrella so much that I have made up my mind that no one else, no best friend, no co-worker, no boss, will ever borrow this umbrella." β€”Apples420

    Price: $16.59

    17. A children's umbrella to help your little ones fend off the rain in style!

    Promising review: "I purchased four of these umbrellas: dolphin, mermaid, owl, and butterfly as Christmas gifts for my nieces that are between the ages of two and five. My son has the shark umbrella and he is six. All of the designs are adorable and the colors are bright. The kids love them. They are very sturdy and very easy for the kids to open on their own. Everyone loves the pop up designs and we always get compliments. We've had our umbrella for two years now and it has held up wonderfully even through the rough play and constant opening and closing. I always give these as gifts and everyone loves them." β€”Janellemp

    Price: $15.90+ (available in 14 animals)

    18. A Van Gogh Starry Night umbrella because you'll need a little beauty on those ugly rainy days.

    Promising review: "I get so many compliments on the umbrella. It's absolutely beautiful and I love using it. It almost makes me want a rainy day just so I could walk around with it. It's so brightly colored that it just stands out. The automatic button works amazingly well and it also closes the umbrella so it's very simple to use. It seems like a sturdy build so I think it will last for a while. I will definitely purchase this again if it ends up breaking." β€”Numera H. Quraishi

    Price: $25

    19. A compact windproof umbrella with an auto open and close button so protection from the rain can be at your fingertips.

    Promising review: "This company is amazing! I had my umbrella for about a year and a half when the mechanism that allows it to close stopped working. I looked up my order on Amazon and found out that they have a lifetime guarantee. So, I contacted the company, and they immediately sent me a new umbrella, free of charge! I highly recommend EEZ-Y. Their products are not only great, but they back them up with their guarantee. Thank you, EEZ-Y!" β€”Teachergirl

    Price: $21.95+ (available in 13 colors)

    Avoiding the rain like...

    The Island Def Jam Music Group

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