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    30 Starter Sets For Every Room In Your House

    Stocking up on new things after a move can be time consuming and expensive! You either spend a small fortune doing it or you *never* do it and go without having the things you need for way longer than you should. To help, we gathered 30 starter sets that'll do the work for you and save you money.

    1. An 11-piece Tasty pot and pan set with all the essentials you'll need to get cookin'!

    2. A refrigerator organization set to start off on the right foot with an organized fridge.

    3. A 19-piece Tasty kitchen utensil and gadget set with a rainbow of tools for fun in the kitchen.

    4. A set of 24 organic spices because buying spices individually can add up but this set will have you whipping up delicious meals in no time for way less money.

    5. An 18-piece dinnerware set which is simple and classic enough to look good in every kitchen.

    6. A 42-piece food storage container set that'll perfectly replace all those mismatched takeout containers you've been hoarding.

    7. A 45-piece stainless-steel flatware set โ€” great for hosting a dinner party for up to eight people.

    8. A single serve Keurig and 40 k-cups ideal for a Keurig newb looking to become a coffee connoisseur.

    9. A 14-piece knife set with block with a knife to cover every cutting need.

    10. A seven-piece bar set so you can mix up delicious cocktails for family and friends when you finally start to entertain.

    11. An 18-piece glassware set perfect for those cocktails you mixed up (or even for non-alcoholic beverages).

    12. A starter tool box any home improvement beginner can use while hanging pictures or assembling new furniture.

    13. A power tool set for anyone who's interested in taking on more advanced projects around the house, like building your own bookcase or coffee table.

    14. A peg board garage organizer set to get your garage in order once and for all!

    15. A bundle of bedding basics because you can't go wrong with crisp white sheets.

    16. A gray, navy, or patterned bed-in a bag comforter set that'll do the work of designing your bed for you.

    17. An at-home dry cleaner kit that may end up saving you lots of time and money at the dry cleaners.

    18. A cleaning starter set with everything you need for your new place to pass your mother's white glove test.

    19. A Swiffer bundle will make sweeping and mopping 10x easier. Plus, they're disposable so just toss them when they get gross.

    20. A living room table set to bring your living room together with a stylish design.

    21. A bamboo bathroom accessories set to give your bathroom a spa-like look an interior designer would approve of.

    22. An 15-piece turquoise, gray and pink, or medallion shower curtain and bathmat set that'll bring your bathroom to life with just one purchase.

    23. A set of eight towels in 13 fun colors for matching any shower curtain you choose.

    24. A diffuser and essential oils starter set to experience all the benefits and zen without having to research tons of different essential oils. Everything is put together for you!

    25. A desk organization set because an organized desk will help you be *way* more productive.

    26. A closet starter kit to make your closet look like you hired a professional organizer.

    27. A closet organization accessories set which will make your closet work better for *you*.

    28. A gardening set so you can finally try growing that backyard garden you've been dreaming of.

    29. A makeup brush set to equip your vanity with everything you need to achieve Pinterest-worthy glamour!

    30. A set of 13 cleaning brushes for reaching every little crevice of your home. Warning: You'll be surprised and grossed out by all the gunk hiding in those hard-to-reach places.

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    Check out the entire collection of Tasty kitchenware at Walmart here!