• AoverK

      I can’t believe people have the nerve to shame this girl. How about shame on them. More women should be proud to be sluts. Slut-Power!!!  As a radical feminists I’m appalled that there aren’t more women as liberated and free from the patriarchy as this empowered young woman is. And look at the guy you can tell that he knows he has a strong independent woman that is his equal because she is just as comfortable with her sexuality as he is with his. Lucky bstrd. Only a minority of the women I deal with are confident enough to go down this path to openness with me. But I feel like the tide is turning in our favor as more women embrace their sluttiness and all the confidence and freedom that comes along with it. The number of marriages to women under 30 and in the 30-35 age range are at there lowest in recorded history in Western countries as more women pursue careers complete with corner offices (or corner cubicles) and say I don’t need a man to take care of me. I can’t wait to see what the world looks like when more people stop fighting the future and drink the kool aid. Enjoy the decline people.

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