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    Posted on Dec 15, 2017

    16 Facts You'll Only Understand If You've Been Hungover At Work

    Your smell... it's unmistakable.

    1. Okay, so, you're already late.

    PBS / Via

    Guess you didn't hear the120,382 alarms you drunkenly set for yourself.

    2. Assuming you can drag yourself out of bed in the first place.

    3. You arrive looking like death.


    4. And most likely wearing the same clothes you were wearing the day before.

    Albert Gea / Reuters / Via

    5. And even if you managed to take a shower, there's no escaping that hangover smell.



    6. And there's absolutely nothing worse than hangover breath.

    HBO / Via

    I mean, anything you spend an evening filling with booze and cigarette smoke is bound to smell a little off the next day.

    7. You feel like you need to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

    Comedy Central

    But also, too nauseous to get up from your desk every five minutes.

    8. You spend all day going over everything you can remember from the night before to make sure you didn't do anything too embarrassing.

    Veryyyyy ready to get Xtina drunk @ the holiday party 2night

    But judging from the looks you're getting, you know you must have done something.

    9. You're so hungry, but the thought of food makes you want to die.

    Peltre / Via Twitter: @Peltre_DO

    What your body needs is a nice, light salad. What your body wants is the exact opposite of a nice, light salad.

    10. Everyone has a joke to make about it.

    jordinogueras61 / Via Twitter: @jordinogueras61

    "Seems like you had a good time last night, but how are you feeling this morning?"

    11. You can't focus because all you can think about is going home and taking a nap.

    Giphy / Via

    12. You drink enough coffee to give yourself a heart attack.


    And you're so miserable, you start hoping for one.

    13. And there's seemingly no limit to the amount of water you can get down in one day.

    Coming to work with a hangover got me like...

    14. But luckily, there's usually someone else who's in as sorry a state as you are who can sympathize.

    When ur bffs at work hungover af🤮😂😂

    Together, the two of you almost make one functioning adult.

    15. And sometimes, if you're lucky, your boss is hungover too and sends everyone home to recover.

    When you show up to work hung over af & then get sent home 45 minutes later..

    16. But even though you feel like death, you drag yourself to work, because you're a professional.

    You can't be hung over at work if you're still drunk

    And maybe still a little drunk.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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