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18 Things No One Tells You About Moving In With Your Bae

Sometimes it's unbearable. Other times it's just the best.

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5. After a fight, things are extremely awkward.

When your joking with your girl and somehow an old argument gets brought up

You won't know where in the house to go to cool off, and if you leave, it's always tough to tell when it's okay to come back.

6. When it comes to decorating, prepare to make a lot of compromises.

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For instance, if you hate the holidays and your partner loves them, be prepared to have a big, lit-up, colorful tree in your house at some point.

8. Your partner's habits will become yours.

vulgarciito / Via Twitter: @Vulgarciito_

If you or your partner leave clothes laying around, for example, you'll get mad at first, but chances are you'll be doing it as well later eventually. Isn't love great?


12. You can be certain that you'll sleep warm from now on, and who doesn't love spooning?

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Having someone in bed with you is great during cold season. During the warm months? Less great.


15. You'll stop caring if your partner sees you looking all scruffy.

micxst / Via Twitter: @micxts

It's not like when you first met, and you had to look stunning at all times. You'll eventually be comfortable enough with one another to walk around in pajamas and underwear.


This post was translated from Spanish.