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    14 Hard Truths About Being Back At Work After Being Out For A Week

    Show of hands if you're reluctantly back on the grind.

    1. You forget how god-awful horrifying the sound of your morning alarm really is.


    Flashback to last week, when time was a construct and you could stay in bed forever.

    2. And without a major holiday to count down toward, you search in vain for something to look forward to.

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    **Searches for a bright spot on the calendar** **Fails**

    3. You reluctantly bid farewell to your daily Peppermint Mocha habit.

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    Since the whole "Christmas calories don't count" won't fly anymore.

    4. Oh, and there's a chance you're still a tiny bit hungover.

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    Either from the champagne, or the just 2017 in general.

    5. And getting dressed requires a nearly insurmountable level of effort.

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    Goodbye sweatpants, and hello waistbands. :(

    6. The morning commute feels like some fresh new hell to get used to all over again.

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    Was the traffic always this bad????

    7. When you first get to your desk, it feels briefly homey for a hot sec...

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    Like, okay, we did miss our favorite coffee mug...

    8. But then your co-workers trickle in, and you have to awkwardly greet them all...

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    "I, uh, missed you guys?"

    9. And listen to all of their vacation stories.

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    And you know Sharon won't be letting up about her Aruba getaway anytime soon.

    10. The worst part, of course, is seeing your office enemy again.

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    You forgot how much you took the luxury of not dealing with them every day for granted.

    11. It's back to the ol' Tupperware flow for lunch...

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    We didn't think it was possible, but the sad desk lunch somehow feels even sadder.

    12. And afterward, you already feel impossibly tired even though it's only 2 p.m.

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    TBH we need a vacation after that vacation.

    13. So, you spend the rest of your day counting down the hours until you can leave...

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    It is maybe the most painful block of hours you've ever experienced.

    14. And of course, viscerally hating anyone who's somehow still on vacation.


    It's just not fair.

    This post was translated from Spanish.