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I Got One Of Those Interactive Cameras To Watch My Dog At Home All Day, And Here's What That Was Like

Spoiler alert: no ghosts were spotted — just one confused dog.

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As you can see, Vincent loves spending most of his time right next to me, which made me scared to leave him alone. I worried that he would get separation anxiety, chew up the couch, or bark all day and annoy my neighbors.

Then, one day, a Furbo dog camera arrived at our office, and I was allowed to take it home. It was if universe knew exactly what I had been worrying about — and offered what seemed like the perfect solution:


That weekend, I decided to put the dog camera to another test by going out partying for the first time since we moved. It all seemed to go swimmingly, until I got this notification at 2 a.m.

Adrián Leandro

Of course, I immediately became terrified that Vincent had encountered a burglar, a ghost, or worse!


I opened the dog camera app on my phone, and realized that even though I couldn't see Vincent, I could hear him barking.

Adrián Leandro

And after trying to talk to him through the app, I realized he must have gotten stuck or locked in a room. So I jumped into a taxi, went home, and rescued him!

So, it turned out that my dog camera really did come in handy — especially when it came to saving poor Vincent from being stuck in the closet!

In conclusion, the Furbo dog camera is pretty dang useful...

At $239, it's not cheap, but the interactivity, treat dispenser function, and app are especially great for owners who want to be able to interact with their dogs all day.

This post was translated from Spanish.