Anyone Who's Ever Worn Glasses Has Had These 16 Annoying Things Said To Them

    "Why don't you get LASIK" omg stop!!!

    1. First, there's the classic: "Why don't you get contacts?"

    2. And the ol' "Are you like, blind without them?"

    3. And "Can I try them on???

    4. Followed shortly by "WOW, YOU'RE REALLY BLIND!"

    5. Don't even get us started on all the times we've had someone wave their hands in our face and say, "Wait so, can you even see me???"

    6. And let's cut that "How many fingers am I holding up?" shit out.

    7. Then there's all those skeptical "Do you REALLY need to wear them??"

    8. Followed by an incredulous "But what if you forget them?"

    9. And for the record, we're VERY tired of hearing "Have you thought about getting LASIK?"

    10. Still, it's why asking "Why do you only have one pair?" is annoying, too.

    11. And you do know saying "You look prettier without your glasses" is backhanded AF, right?

    12. As is "You look so weird without them!"

    13. And don't even think about pulling a, "Your eyes are so small without them on!"

    14. You might think you're cute when you say, "I wish I could wear glasses!"'s not.

    15. And finally, questions like "So, do you shower with them on?" just make us kind of confused.

    16. And if you really want an answer to "How do you watch 3D movies though?" we refer you to this:

    In closing, let's all come together and agree to never say those things again. Cool? Cool.

    This post was translated from Spanish.