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22 Delicate Little Tattoos You'll Want To Get This Year

For minimalists you wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally.

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1. Now you can take your cat family with you wherever you go:

Instagram: @saegeemtattoo

2. Or your favorite iconic video game character:

3. Adorn your skin with small branches like these in 2018:

Instagram: @lorrainerosset

4. Give yourself a constant reminder to love yourself:

Instagram: @littletattoolove

5. Show off your love of Star Wars or Pointillism or both:

Instagram: @ciotka_zu

6. Tell yourself that you're unique and valuable, a gem:

Instagram: @studiobysol

8. And never give up on your positivity:

10. Or something that affirms your love for your partner. Or your best friend:

Instagram: @dicapriotattoo

11. Remind yourself to stay hydrated with a small tattoo on your arm:

Instagram: @masa_tattooer

12. Put a word of power on your skin:

Instagram: @d

13. Take your love of reading even further:

Instagram: @small

14. Or your passion for geometry:

15. Get a tattoo that's as good as a promise:

Instagram: @tatuaggi_

16. Or a toast with your drink of choice:

17. A tattoo to show off your passions:

Instagram: @tattooist_arar

18. Or how much you value your ideas:

Instagram: @mr

19. Your vacation never has to end if you get it tattooed on your ankle forever:

Instagram: @dot

20. 2018 is the year to get a tasteful tattoo in an uncommon spot:

Instagram: @r___a___v___e___n

21. Take your love of food to a whole new level:

Instagram: @curtmontgomerytattoos

22. And if anyone asks why you got your tattoo, have the perfect response ready for them:

Instagram: @homemadetatts

This post was translated from Spanish.

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