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Spanish-Language Giant Univision Shows "Historic" First Novela Gay Marriage

The drama was high as Estefano and Jean wondered if Estefano's stern and conservative mom would attend the wedding. She did, with GLAAD calling the scene "historic."

Wearing matching french vanilla suits and lavender ties, Estefano and Jean looked on in suspense, wondering what Estefano's famously conservative mom would say after showing up to their marriage ceremony in the novela "Amores Verdaderos," True Love.

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"Mother," her son Estefano said. "Madam Longoria," his partner Jean added, sheepishly. "Silence!" she said, as intimidating as ever.

"Here I am with you," she said, still kinda scary. "I wanted to be by your side in this moment," she added, breaking the tension as she embraced her emotional son.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), called the development "historic" and spoke to BuzzFeed about why a soap opera scene matters to the LGBT community.

Viewers took to Twitter to talk about the uniqueness of what they saw.

Pacheco says images and narratives in media have an incredible importance and cites Vice President Joe Biden, who said he became accepting of gay marriage through watching the sitcom, Wil and Grace.

Pacheco says there is still room for progress, noting that while Telemundo had gay characters with supportive friends and family, they would never kiss.

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For Pacheco, like many who tuned in, the gay marriage was a special moment -- only topped by the tuxedo-wearing, chubby pug.