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People In Connecticut Started Calling 911 Because They Were Missing "Breaking Bad"

Iconic show, but don't do this.

Hot on the heels of a Breaking Bad midseason return, which brought in a series-high 5.9 million viewers, some Connecticut cable subscribers nearly lost it when their cable went out before the new episode was set to air.

AMC, Frank Ockenfels

Naturally, they called 911.

Because of a power outage in Norwalk, Connecticut, service was down for Cablevision's Optimum cable for nearly two hours during prime time.

AMC, Frank Ockenfels / AP

Unsusprisingly, the police department didn't find the Breaking Bad panic calls funny.

Facebook: FPDCT

A couple of commenters added, "We take our breaking bad seriously here in CT" and "Missing Breaking Bad IS an emergency."

The final season of AMC's hit drama has left fans clamoring to find out how Walter White's journey ends. The finale airs on Sept. 29.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

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