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Man Checking Google Street View Sees Grandma Who Passed Away, Relaxing On Her Porch

"What surprised me, was that Google captured one of the last few pictures of my grandma, because she passed away less than a year after that picture was taken."

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A man and his brother made a heartwarming discovery while scrolling through Google street view. When they zoomed in on their late-grandmother's home they saw her sitting on the porch in one of her last photos.


Dustin Moore of Beaverton, Ore., posted the photo on Reddit. "I thought it was such an uplifting and awesome picture because it showed just how laid back and awesome she was. Might not mean much to anyone else, I just thought I would share," he wrote.

Moore said his grandma Alice was full of life, and she had a bit of an independent streak. "At this point she was supposed to be using a cane all the time, well I don't see a cane in the picture."