Mexican-American Pitcher’s New Ice Cream: “It Only Tastes Illegal”

Sergio Romo, who brought attention to immigration attitudes during the San Francisco Giants’ championship parade, comes up with a sinful follow-up.

1. Sergio Romo is the closer for the San Francisco Giants — a fiery guy, who wears his heart on his sleeve.


2. He received a lot of attention for wearing an “I just look illegal,” T-shirt during the team’s championship parade last year as commentary on the hot topic of immigration.

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Romo, whose father is the son of Mexican migrant farmworkers, was raised in the border town of Brawley, Calif.

Jose Antonio Vargas


You cannot tell who looks “illegal.” No human being is illegal. Thank u, @SergioRomo54. #GoGiants @DefineAmerican

4. Now he’s teamed up with Three Twins Ice Cream for Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate: “It only tastes illegal.”

5. The Three Twins Ice Cream Facebook page was hilarious about it.

In the comments, the company said that it doesn’t think it’ll be able to sell the ice cream at Giants games because it’s not affiliated with the team. But both fans and ice cream aficionados alike were pumped about the flavor and the commentary.

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