Could Justin Bieber Be Deported For His Run-Ins With The Law?

Let’s put this topic to rest once and for all.

1. Justin Bieber was arrested Thursday for drag racing and driving under the influence. It’s not his first run-in with the law, which is prompting some to wonder, could the Canadian pop star be deported?

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i hope justin bieber gets deported after this.

— juaneau. (@_juaneau)

7. But, David Leopold, the former president of the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association, poured cold water on the idea that Bieber could be deported.

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“He was charged with resisting without violence, that’s a misdemeanor, which carries up to a year,” Leopold told BuzzFeed. “He’s fine on that the alcohol stuff and the reckless driving. A simple DUI is not a deportable offense and neither is reckless driving.”

8. Others aren’t so sure. “But if ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) wanted to go after him, they could make a case,” attorney Michael Wildes told ABC News.

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“That and the [throwing] eggs is opening files in multiple government agencies and states, and could make it more likely.”

9. ICE referred BuzzFeed to a Washington Post article, which it said accurately explained why Bieber will not be deported.

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“According to U.S. immigration law, authorities do not revoke an individual’s visa unless the person has been convicted of a violent crime or has been sentenced to more than one year imprisonment,” it read.

10. But Leopold left the door open for a possible deportation in the future if the Biebs continues down this brazen, lawless path.

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“The only thing that could lead to immigration consequences is his admitting that he smoked marijuana to police,” Leopold said. “Such an admission could complicate Bieber’s ability to reenter the United States after traveling abroad or lead to the denial of future immigration benefits, such as a green card.”

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