Free Diver Comes Out Of Retirement To Attempt The Same Record-Breaking Dive That Killed His Wife

This seems dangerous.

1. Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras, a controversial but record-breaking free-diver, is coming out of retirement for one more dive — the same dive that killed his wife in 2002.

Courtesy of Pipin Ferreras

2. Audrey Mestre was a student who wrote about Ferreras and then fell in love with him and his insatiable appetite for dangerous dives.

3. Not only did she join him in free-diving, but she was a natural and they quickly became a couple that was regularly breaking world records.

4. But Ferreras, who was known for questionable safety procedures and a thirst to continually dive deeper and deeper, is blamed by many for his wife’s death.

Courtesy of Pipin Ferreras / Via

5. She drowned when a dive that should have been no more than three minutes resulted in her remaining underwater for more than eight and a half minutes, due to an equipment malfunction.

6. Ferreras tells NBC Latino that he was in denial and lost everything, but this final dive is his calling.

“I really admire people who fall down and always get back up. Those are my winners and everybody has a chance to be happy even if you make mistakes. Everybody deserves a second chance.”

7. The story of Ferreras’ and Mestre’s love and fatal end was tragically told by sportswriting legend Gary Smith in Sports Illustrated.

8. James Cameron bought the film rights in 2003.

9. He is training now and filming a documentary called The Challenge of Science: 15 Years Later, which will chronicle his attempt to break the “no-limits” world record of diving 702 feet in honor of his wife.

10. “In the ocean you find the peace that you cannot find anywhere else,” Ferreras said. “And every time we go there, she is always with us.”

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