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Charges Dropped Against Three Black Teens Arrested While Waiting For School Bus

The district attorney told Rochester's News 8 that the charges against the boys who were waiting for a bus to a scrimmage are being dropped.

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Charges are being dropped against the three black teens who were arrested while waiting where their coach told them to be for a bus to take them to a scrimmage, according to Rochester's News 8.

“We tried to tell them that we were waiting for the bus,” said Wan’tauhjs Weathers, 17. “We weren’t catching a city bus, we were catching a yellow bus. He didn’t care. He arrested us anyways.”

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley passed along the decision Tuesday morning.

Doorley told News 8 in a brief text message the charges would be dropped. She is in a meeting and we haven't been able to get further comment. Yesterday, Police Chief James Sheppard said he would let the matter play out in court. He did not say he was concerned with the arrests.

Police said they told the teens to disperse and arrested them when they wouldn't.

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WHEC Rochester reported that police were monitoring the area because they previously received complaints from the owner of the store where the teens were about people loitering and fighting in front of the store.

The teen's coach Jacob Scott, also a guidance counselor, was upset his team had to see the arrests play out and see him be threatened with arrest as well.

“These young men were not doing anything wrong, first of all,” he said to News 8.

“But then they had to go through the trauma — there were 17 other guys who had to witness three of their teammates get arrested for doing what? Waiting for the bus for a scrimmage. I mean, they’re taking their time out, it’s a holiday. I mean, these guys don’t necessarily have to even participate in extracurricular sports, in the cold, waiting for the bus, and they get arrested.”

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