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6 Offensive Pro-Tips About Latinos In A Target Employee Training Manual

A Target in Yolo County, Calif., told managers not all Hispanics wear sombreros, eat burritos or dance salsa.

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A lawsuit aimed at Target's bullseye by three former employees alleges they were fired after complaining about a warehouse training manual aimed at helping supervisors manage Hispanic employees. According to the lawsuit it featured six tips.

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Robert Gonzalez, Bulmaro Fabian and Pedro Garcia-Ayala also allege their white supervisor regularly used racial slurs and when they complained they were fired in retaliation.

1. Food tip


Right off the bat, a shocker. All Hispanic-Americans do not eat tacos and burritos everyday. Tacos are a generic term in Mexico, like sandwich in the U.S. but not all Latinos are Mexican. So there's that. And of course, not all Mexicans eat tacos and burritos because people of an ethnicity don't just pick one food and eat it for the duration of their lives.

2. Music tip


See this pic? That's Hillary Clinton at a salsa bar dancing. The crazy thing is she's not with Latinos. See, the way music works is anyone can dance to anything (skill varies). That's why Hispanics don't just dance to salsa. Also it originated in the Caribbean so it's not necessarily the number one music type for, say, someone with South American heritage.


3. Outfit tips

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Here's Pope Benedict wearing a sombrero and he's German. This goes back to number one. Not all Hispanics are Mexican and why would a manager need to have a sombrero fact explained, again?

From the manual, according to the lawsuit:

Hispanics, in general, tend to be very loyal to those whom they have grown to trust. As a supervisor/employer, if you make it a point to treat your Hispanic team members with dignity and respect, they are very likely to desire work for you.

Target spokesperson Molly Snyder issued a statement on the manual.

It is never Target's intent to offend our team members or guests and we apologize. The content of the document referenced is not representative of who Target is. We strive at all times to be a place where our team and guests feel welcome, valued and respected. This document, which was used during conversations at one distribution center, was never part of any formal or company-wide training. We take accountability for its contents and are truly sorry.

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