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35 Things Puerto Ricans Know To Be True

Take a trip to Puerto Rico. From salsa and bomba y plena to the coqui, mofongo, bioluminescent bays, Old San Juan, and everything else that makes you proud to be Boricua.

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3. Watching him sing "Preciosa," about his love for the island, in Puerto Rico, with the crowd singing every word, gives you chills.

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4. The coqui is a magical little frog that rarely survives if taken out of Puerto Rico, and you love him because he's named after the mating call he makes: coqui, coqui.

10. The same goes for Casa Bacardi.

I mean, it's an actual rum factory.

13. This song, "No hay cama pa tanta gente," by El Gran Combo, translates to "There isn't a bed for all these people," and it's funnier in Spanish.

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19. No matter how hot it is, a piragua always makes everything better.

20. You go to Guavate for all of the pork. All of the tasty, delicious, juicy, tender, oh-my-god-want-it-right-now pork.

21. Bomba y plena are defining musical sounds of Puerto Rico and the Afro-Puerto Rican population.

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27. There are parrandas.

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32. You love Old San Juan's timeworn, classic beauty.

34. And you'll listen to this thinking just one thing...

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