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22 Incredible Photos Of Ballerinas In Urban Cityscapes Of New York City

"There’s something romantic that comes from placing a dancer in these surroundings."

1. Photographer Luis Pons, a native of Washington Heights, wanted to combine the stoic beauty of ballet dancers and iconic New York City backdrops.

Luis Pons

Eve Marinelli, 215th street, 1 train stop.

2. "There’s something romantic that comes from placing a dancer in these surroundings," Pons tells BuzzFeed.

Luis Pons

Dawn Gierling at Grand Central Station.

3. "We dwell in all of these areas."

Luis Pons

Bryn Michaels in SoHo.

4. "For us, they're routine."

Luis Pons

Melissa Chapski and Adrian Blake Mitchell at Little Red Lighthouse in front of the George Washington Bridge.

5. "Passing through on our way to work or coming home."

Luis Pons

Bryn Michaels in Bowery, New York City.

6. "Putting a ballet dancer in front of those backdrops forces us to pause."

Luis Pons

Anjelica Fellini at Wave Hill in the Bronx.

7. "So we can reflect and look at these landmarks that we’re used to."

Madison Jayne Cole at Columbus Circle.

8. "And see them in a new light."

Luis Pons

Sara Ezzell, student with Ellison Ballet, in Yonkers.

9. Pons says he came to photography during a particularly hard time in his life.

Luis Pons

Rachelle Di Stasio in front of at Lincoln Center.

10. He came down with an illness.

Luis Pons

Galen Bolard , Dawn Gierling and Madeleine Graber at Grand Central Station.

11. Which he says morphed into a depression.

Luis Pons

Adrian Blake Mitchell in Dumbo Park.

12. "I lost six months to a year of my life," he says.

Luis Pons

Ines Pz in Bryant Park

13. "I picked up photography to cope and help me get through that time."

Eve Marinelli, 215th street stop on 1 train.

14. "I lasered into flamenco."

Luis Pons

Flamenca Alice Blumenfeld in Wall Street.


Luis Pons

Glenda Sol in Dumbo Park, Brooklyn.

16. "And then ballet."

Luis Pons

Madison Jayne Cole in Central Park Arcade.


Luis Pons

Dawn Gierling, Galen Bolard and Madelaine Graber at Grand Central.

18. Next up the Dominican-American photographer is doing a beach series.

Luis Pons

Galen Bolard, Vanderbilt Park.

19. So how does his wife feel about him taking pictures of ballerinas all day?

Luis Pons

Galen Bolard, Vanderbilt Park.

20. "That subject came up," he says, with a laugh.

Luis Pons

Dawn Gierling, Central Park Waterfall.

21. "I'm taking pictures of women but there’s a level of trust."

Luis Pons

Jen Kuhl, Ansonia Building.

22. "Plus with iPhones these days she can find me."

Bryn Michaels, Bowery

For more from Luis Pons check out his website or Instagram.

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