#19ForTrayvon Imagines What Trayvon Martin Could Have Achieved, On His Birthday

“At 19, everything seemed possible and life seemed infinite. It was like just being born.”

1. The hashtag #19ForTrayvon paid tribute to Trayvon Martin, a teen killed in Florida in a case that polarized the nation. He would have been 19, Wednesday.


2. Colorlines began the hashtag.

3. Many joined in, telling short, poignant stories.

At 19, one special hoodie was my prized possession. Wore it proudly, not aware that it made me a target #19forTrayvon

— Steven Jumper (@StevenJumper)

I was a university student fumbling my way towards my true passions, towards making my mark in the world #19forTrayvon @colorlines

— Lindz Marsh (@lindzmarsh)

Trayvon might've joined @Dreamdefenders or @BYP_100. He might've been fighting injustice rather that being the victim of one. #19forTrayvon

— stacia l. brown (@slb79)

At 19, I was afforded the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. #19forTrayvon @Colorlines

— Jerdi (@justjerdi)

I was singing in choir and playing soccer at 19, and wish Trayvon was alive to do what he loved. @Colorlines #19forTrayvon

— Naima Shalhoub (@naimashalhoub)

11. The tribute trended in the U.S. for a time Wednesday.

Trend Alert: #19forTrayvon. More trends at http://t.co/IvleifTamy #trndnl

— Trendinalia USA (@trendinaliaUS)

At 19 I was organizing my first Take Back The Night Rally @Colorlines #19ForTrayvon

— Mabinty (@MabintyQ)

At 19, I participated in a hunger strike with students and workers to support security guards on campus @Colorlines #19forTrayvon

— José Olivarez (@JayOhEssEe)

At 19 I was in college, often the only Black man in my classes, pushing the boundary to not be 1/3 Black folks incarcerated. #19forTrayvon

— Dante Barry (@dantebarry)

Happy Birthday Trayvon. Thinking about all the things my dad did after 18. #19forTrayvon... http://t.co/HgNGVNxUqi

— Jacqueline Keeler (@jfkeeler)

16. To many, the messages were bittersweet.

I'm so conflicted reading the #19forTrayvon tweets. Beautiful thread, but incredibly sobering to see the possibilities Trayvon missed out on

— Jerdi (@justjerdi)

”How do you grieve?” “You celebrate a person’s life by living your life fully.” - @AsraNomani #19forTrayvon

— Colorlines.com (@Colorlines)

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