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15 Powerful Photos Of Families Confronting Homeland Security About Missing Dads Ahead Of Father's Day

"The kids need their father this Father's Day," DREAMer Erika Andiola said.

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2. Naira Zapata, the fiancé of Ardani Rosales, who was deported after a traffic violation, broke down crying in front of Johnson.

BREAKING: Ardani's Family begging @DHSGov Secretary Johnson to release daddy for father's day!!

Erika Andiola@ErikaAndiola

BREAKING: Ardani's Family begging @DHSGov Secretary Johnson to release daddy for father's day!!

4:10 AM - 11 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

3. "She started crying to him, 'Can you please release my husband?'" said DREAMer and activist, Erika Andiola.

Naira pleas w/ @DHSgov Jeh Johnson to release husband Ardani for Father's Day #CPC14 #not1more #deportation

DRM Action Coalition@DRMAction

Naira pleas w/ @DHSgov Jeh Johnson to release husband Ardani for Father's Day #CPC14 #not1more #deportation

10:05 AM - 11 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

Andiola said Johnson said "I’m sorry and I understand," to Zapata and looked at her children.

8. “I stand here today because I am a Jew. To be a Jew is to take on a sacred task: To remember that we were once strangers in a strange land and to treat citizen and stranger alike," Rabbi Esther L. Lederman said.

Church World Service

“This policy of deportations is destroying the bedrock of what makes our congregations and society strong – our families. Our synagogues and churches are made up of families, moms and dads doing the best that they can to raise righteous citizens, decent human beings," she added.

9. "The truth is, African-Americans didn’t come here, we were brought here, by a system that dehumanizes and exploits for profit. Today we see our brothers and sisters — undocumented workers — are kept in the shadows, and exploited for cheap labor."

Church World Service

This was said by Rev. Dr. Earl Trent, the chair of Church World Service, who also took on the controversial Secure Communities program that gets the finger prints of people who are apprehended. "Secretary Jeh Johnson says that the Administration wants to fix Secure Communities, but this program is too broken to be fixed, it is beyond repair," he said. "We can’t MEND S-Com, so we must END S-Com.”

11. "A few weeks ago I got his response," she said. "It wasn’t even about my family. It just said, 'Dear student' and had some general stuff about the White House. I don’t want pictures of his dogs. I want my dad back."

13. Andiola said House Majority leader Eric Cantor's loss to an anti-immigration tea partier changed the calculations.

Church World Service

"Immigration reform is dead for now, so the best thing to do is to get the president to act," she said.

14. Specifically her group of DREAMers has been calling for two things.

Church World Service

"Enforcement reforms" like changing who is a priority to detain and "administrative relief that would expand deferred action," which would create a new group that is protected from the threat of deportation.

15. "The clergy firmly believe the president has a moral obligation to stop deportations and that he must act to end the suffering of the undocumented," said Rich Morales, the deportation prevention coordinator at PICO.

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