11 Things Millennials Only Do In Articles About Millennials

    Attention Generation Y writer: Stop it.

    1. Hate cars with every fiber of their being.

    2. Don't have jobs.

    3. Don't date.

    4. Have casual sex, like, every waking moment.

    5. Storm out of a restaurant and complain to the manager because of bad cell service.

    6. Live lives grounded to a halt by college debt.

    7. Are like, "Screw it, take all my data and my privacy please, major consumer brand and tech giant."

    8. Don't have families.

    9. Act lazy all the time.

    10. Don't talk to anyone, ever.

    11. Blame it all on their parents' generation.

    Stop your millennial trend pieces. We don't all act the same way and love the same thing. Well, except when it comes to Game of Thrones. <3