10 Beautiful Photos Of Older People Looking At Younger Reflections Of Themselves In The Mirror

    Tom Hussey created a series of poignant portraits.

    1. Photographer Tom Hussey created the Reflection series.

    2. He was speaking to a World War II veteran who was quickly approaching his 80th birthday.

    3. "I can't believe I'm going to be 80," he told Hussey. "I feel like I just came back from the war. I look in the mirror and I see this old guy."

    4. "It's a universal condition — at some point in your life, you look in the mirror and say, 'Wait a minute, how did I get this old?'" Hussey told BuzzFeed.

    5. "You have a memory of a time in your life that was pivotal — be it when you got your driver's license, your senior year in high school, or maybe the year you married."

    6. Five years after he created the veteran's photo using an actor for the youth photo, Hussey was contacted by an ad agency.

    7. The images were used for the campaign for an Alzheimer's drug.

    8. "The idea for doing these images was a person looking in the mirror and seeing what they remember."

    9. "When you look in the mirror every day, you recognize yourself, but when you go back and look at a photo of yourself 20 years ago you say, 'Wow, I really have changed.'"

    10. "You get to some milestone — age 20, 40, or 80 — and you can't believe that much time has gone by."