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    7 Asian Adoptee Women Whose Work You Should Be Paying Attention To, Like, Right Now

    There are some amazing adoptee women from all walks of life who are making an impact in the adoption community and beyond. Here are some of the Asian adoptees who are blazing trails.

    Suzi Pratt

    You wish you had her job. Suzi Pratt, a Korean adoptee, gets hired by large companies to travel the world and capture photos. Check out some of her photography, especially the concert images, here:

    Rachel Rostad

    Rachel, a Korean adoptee, had the audacity to take on JK Rowling through her poem "To J.K. Rowling, from Cho Chang" and the likes of Jezebel and Angry Asian Man took huge notice. She's still in college. Follow her on Twitter:

    Christy NaMee Eriksen

    Christy, a Korean adoptee, writes, works in various art mediums, and is making a big name for herself in Alaska. Check out some of her stuff here:

    Grace Newton

    Through her blog Red Thread Broken, Grace, a Chinese adoptee, writes with a level of insight, tenacity, maturity, and humility rarely seen in the adoption community, regardless of age. Watch out. She, too, is still in college.

    Shannon Heit

    Fierce, intelligent, compassionate, and bilingual, Shannon Heit, a Korean adoptee, has established herself as one of the leaders in the Korean adoptee community who live, work, and advocate in "the motherland." Check out her Tumblr:

    Jenna Cook

    About to graduate from Yale, many became aware of Jenna, a Chinese adoptee, through the film Somewhere Between. According to the word on the street from adoptee scholars and activists, Jenna is, to quote one of them, "the real deal."

    Nisha Grayson

    With some of her close friends, a few years ago Nisha, an Indian adoptee, visited her home country for the first time since her adoption. They documented the trip on film, something Indian adoptees haven't done much of, and her second visit in which she searched for her birth/first mother. That story will soon be seen in the upcoming film YOU FOLLOW.

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