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25 Questions You Never Thought You'd Ask Yourself Until 2020 Happened

It’s been 2020 for 84 years...

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1. Are you even allowed to quit the royal family?

2. Why is Australia on fire?

3. Are drone strikes legal?

4. Why is "World War III" trending?

5. How quickly can someone be impeached?

6. How do I make my own hand sanitizer?

Person in a lab coat pouring liquid from a vial into a beaker

7. Can a bandana work as a medical mask?

8. Are my feet nice enough to sell foot pictures?

9. Should I open a tiger sanctuary?

10. How can I protect myself from a murder hornet?

Beekeeper holding a spiked club next to three massive hornets

11. Am I too old for social media?

12. How much is a ring light?

13. Should I cut my bangs?

14. How can I fix bangs that I cut myself?

A girl with uneven bangs down to her mid-forehead holding loose hair over her lip like a mustache with "Oops" written above her head

15. How long does it take hair to grow back?

16. Is this the flu or coronavirus?

17. Where did the animals cross from?

18. Can I attend a protest during a quarantine?

19. Do my parents know I’m a socialist?

20. Does this restaurant still utilize prison labor?

21. Am I ever going to see my friends again?

22. When was the last time I touched another person?

23. Are we living in a simulation?

Computer monitor that says "Uploading... Earth Year 2020"

24. Would I be happier if I lived in Canada?

25. When is the soonest I can vote?