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18 Young Aussie Creatives You Should Be Following This International Youth Day

An incredible bunch of creatives bringing their passions to life each and every day.

From musicians to graphic artists and everything in between, the team at BuzzFeed has curated this talented new generation of Aussie creatives who are bringing their passions to life.

Here's who we think you should be following for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

1. Joy Li — Graphic Designer and Illustrator

2. Mahalia Handley — Model, Activist and Creative Director

3. Rachel Webb — Fashion Designer and Photographer

4. Rowi Singh — Artistic Content Creator

5. Serwah Attafuah — Graphic Designer, 3D Artist and Musician

6. Jhassic — DJ, Producer and Composer

7. Georgia Treloar — Graphic Artist and Designer

8. Imogen Grist — Multidisciplinary Artist and Musician

9. Chrissy Zemura — Hairstylist and Educator

10. Sarah Spilsbury — Graphic Designer and Photographer

11. Phil Fresh — Rapper

12. Chantelle Saghabi — Floral Artist

13. Bianca Beers — Visual Artist and Designer

14. Ayeesha Ash — Performer, Podcast Producer and Artistic Director

15. Mark Chester Harding — Illustrator

16. Georgia McDermott — Food Blogger

17. Hayley Pease — Fashion Photographer

18. Sha'an d'Anthes — Illustrator, Artist and Author

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