The 24 Most Notable Brand Tweets From 2014’s Big Game

Social was the big winner of the game. Let’s take a peek at some memorable brand tweets from the #adbowl.

1. JC Penney blasted out the typos…

…and then apologized for tweeting with mittens.

2. KIA cleverly responded.

3. Heinz encouraged Denver to ketchup.

4. And then Skittles… such skittles, such timely.

5. Axe spread the love.

Keep your helmet on. The new @AXE Make Love, Not War commercial is about to air. #KissForPeace

— AXE (@AXE)

6. And Cheerios felt it.

.@AXE Peace, Love and Cheerios. #FamilyLove #KissForPeace

— Cheerios (@cheerios)

7. Instead of recreating their epic “dunk in the dark” moment, Oreo decided to go dark this year.

Hey guys𠉮njoy the game tonight. We’re going dark. #OreoOut

— Oreo Cookie (@Oreo)

8. Kit Kat savored the breaks.

What's the most exciting part of the Superbowl? The breaks, of course! #SuperBowl


9. Tide interacted with other brands through Vine.

Adding a puppy to the family @Cheerios? Beware of puppy stains. @Tide #GetsItOut #SB48

— Tide (@tide)

10. Many hyped up the halftime show…

Bruno, we’re backing you up #Pepsi #Halftime #LockedOutOfHeaven #BrunoMarsOnSuperBowl

— Pepsi™ (@pepsi)

11. …and gave their full attention to the performance.

Our pals have serious opinions about the #Halftime performance! Are your buddies enjoying the show?

— Purina (@Purina)

12. Red Bull recalled their jump from the stratosphere.

'I can see Mars from here. Bruno Mars, that is.' -Felix #stratosbowl

— Red Bull (@redbull)

13. Dunkin’ went DIY.

Even if the game is outdoors, #DunkinDonuts has it covered!

— Dunkin' Donuts (@DunkinDonuts)

14. H&M made America drool.

Coming soon to your TV screen...#BeckhamforHM

— H&M USA (@hmusa)

15. And Budweiser made us feel all the adorable feels.

Just two #BestBuds giving each other a little pep talk before our big moment. #SuperBowl

— Budweiser Puppy (@BudweiserPuppy)

16. M&M’s offered color commentary on each play.

Whoa! A #safety is a nutty way to start #SB48: #mmscolorcommentary

— Yellow M&M'S® (@mmsyellow)

17. Radio Shack gave away their treasures from the ’80s.

Out w/ the old, #InWithTheNew! For the next 24hrs, we're giving away all our old '80s stuff!

— RadioShack (@RadioShack)

18. Doritos photobombed the Jumbotron with their human Dorito chip!

Jumbotron photobomb! #Doritos #HumanDoritosChip #BoldTriangle

— Doritos (@Doritos)

19. DiGiorno tweeted some amusing #SuperSmack.


— DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza)

20. Smart Car talked style.

Little known fact @RealJoeNamath and us have the same tailor. Who wore it better? #smartWrapMe #SB48 #joenamathscoat

— Official smart USA (@smartcarusa)

21. Clorox admitted it was a big day for many reasons…

Big Game Fact or Fiction: More than 90 million people flush the toilet at half time. #SB48

— Clorox (@Clorox)

22. …and Drano went there too.

Don't let one clog delay your Big Game party. Stock up & save ---> #Coupon

— Drano (@drano)

23. In the end, Papa John’s celebrated the 12s.

Congrats @Seahawks on your 1st #SuperBowl! We’re celebrating tomorrow in Seattle by cutting pizzas into 12 slices.

— Papa John's Pizza (@PapaJohns)

24. And Nike saluted the winning champs!

When it's the game of your dreams, play the game of your life. @Seahawks #justdoit

— Nike Football (@usnikefootball)

The #adbowl wins again.

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