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10 Things All New Pet Parents Should Know

Thinking about adding a furry friend to your post-lockdown life? Learn more about proper pet nutrition with ADM.

A new pet is a great way to kick off a new phase of your life.

Old dog gets scritches.

But, there's a lot of things to consider before welcoming your new companion home.

A dog and a shoe go walking.

1. Before you bring your dog home, make sure you have all the essentials.

Person cuddling with dog outside

2. Maintain their usual diet.

Dog eating from bowl

3. Set house rules early on.

Man training his dog

4. Be patient.

Man playing guitar for his dog

5. Identify a reputable vet and get your dog in to see them early on.

Vet giving a dog a checkup

6. Before you bring your new dog home, set a plan for introducing them to the fam, including other pets.

Two dogs playing with rope toys

7. If possible, provide your doggy with comfort items.

Dog under a blanket

8. Establishing a routine is essential.

Dog walking with their humans

9. It's a good idea to socialize your dog early and often.

Two dogs playing together

10. Of course, regular exercise is super important.

Dog doing yoga with their owner

Just like us, our pet's needs change as they age and evolve, and this year is certainly going to be full of change. Get the info you need to treat your pet right with ADM.

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